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Best 20 Ways to Soothe Yourself with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, that hippie cure-all, saved us from bug bites and sunburns andĀ fire burnsĀ and skateboarding scrapes and surfing sand-rash and everything else that comes with being young and adventurous. Fresh is best of course, so if you can get your … Continue reading

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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

The juicy and fleshy Aloe vera plant is a native of the African continent. The plant belongs to the lily family and is also grouped under Xeroids – a class of plants that can conserve water by opening or closing … Continue reading

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Internal and External Uses of Aloe Vera

Internal Uses of Aloe Vera: This natural plant remedy also has internal uses that are nutritious and medicinal for the physique. Peptic ulcers AIDS/HIV Infection Antioxidant support Asthma Cancer Diabetes Mellitus Digestive support Gastrointestinal relief Immune system support, Stress symptom … Continue reading

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Cactus and Succulents Plants

Cactus/cacti (plural) and succulents are water retaining plants. These plants have the capacity to absorb water and to adapt easily in arid and semi arid conditions. These plants have succulent stems and leaves and are drought resistant spiny plants. Plants … Continue reading

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Aloe Vera Heals Wounds or Burn and Digestive Issues

Aloe Vera is a species of succulent plant that has long been used to treat burns or wounds. It is helpful in treating digestive complaints, as well as skin problems. Aloe can be taken both internally and externally it can … Continue reading

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